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Opal-RAD Software

The most user friendly PACS system and acquisition interface in medical imaging

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Image quality is only as good as the software behind the equipment. Opal-RAD is the highest rated imaging software among Chiropractors, Veterinary clinics, Podiatrists and small Urgent Care facilities alike. With Opal-RAD, you have the ability to acquire images, save the images into the integrated PACS, search through 10+ search fields for prior images and patients, send studies to other PACS servers, burn and import CD's and view images with over 50+ annotation tools. 



This screen is the front-end to the patient database.  


  • Create patient studies with one-click of the mouse
  • Custom search query options
  • Burn/Import patient CD's
  • User-dependent customization
  • Integrated DICOM Send/Receive
  • DICOM Print
  • Supports Modality Worklists
  • Can be integrated with many EMR systems


Features are the same as above

  • View images from anywhere in the office over Internet Explorer
  • Live updating: As soon as a study is finished, it is available to view on any other computer

Opal Acquisition


  • X-Pipe Technology: Sharper images with higher clarity
  • Quick view selection
  • Customize image sharpness
  • Auto contrast upon processing
  • Image auto-cropping feature
  • Sends images to PACS in background upon exit to improve speed
  • Generator integration available with all systems

Opal-RAD Web Demo


This demo is only compatible via Internet Explorer. If you are using FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Opera or a mobile device, you will not have access to all of the features. 



Username: ChiroUsername: PodUsername: Ortho
Username: Vet
Password: demodemoPassword: demodemo
Password: demodemo
Password: demodemo

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