• P-DRW Wireless Flat Panel Detector

Eliminate CR Cassettes with a digital detector. Once the panel is installed, expose radiation onto the panel and watch the image automatically appear onto the computer screen within 30 seconds of exposure. Once the image is on the screen, select your next body part on the acquisition software and shoot again. Worried about losing wireless connection? This panel comes with its very own wireless router which is mounted to the ceiling within the radiography room to ensure connection is never lost. 

This panel is available as part of a complete Podiatry solution.

Cassette sized
Wireless connectivity
AD conv.: 14-bit
Line pair per mm: 3.3 lp/mm
10" x 12"

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P-DRW Wireless Flat Panel Detector

  • Brand: 20/20 Imaging
  • Product Code: P-DRW
  • Availability: In Stock